Part of the fun of purchasing a new car with leather interior is the luxurious feeling you get every time you slide in. If your vehicle features leather seating surfaces, you want to keep them clean and looking like new – both so the inside of your car always looks nice and also to avoid expensive upholstery repairs and replacement.

If you aren’t already in the habit of regularly cleaning the leather in your car, springtime is a great time to begin incorporating new cleaning routines into your schedule. Don’t worry – this is a very easy process that doesn’t take much time and can keep your investment in great shape for a long time!  

A good practice is to put together your leather-cleaning kit and keep it handy for when you wash your car in the driveway on a pretty day (maybe not any time in the next couple months… but soon). You don’t need to clean your seats every time you wash you car, especially if you’re a loyal car washer. About once every three months is a perfect schedule to follow.

What you’ll need:

Soft white rags (old white tee shirts are good for this)


Quality, soft-bristled brush

Water-based leather cleaner (free of petroleum solvents, silicone oils and gloss agents)

Leather conditioner

Optional: Leather wipes

What you do:

  1. Vacuum the interior of your car completely. Use as many fancy attachments as it takes to get your seats clear of any dirt and dust hiding in the crevices.

  2. Using your white rag dipped in water, wipe the leather surfaces gently to remove grime, dirt and residue. Immediately dry the seats off with a dry towel.

  3. Use a fresh cloth or the brush to gently work the cleanser into the leather (after you’ve tested the cleaner on a small, inconspicuous spot and waited 24 hours to check for discoloration). Make sure you keep the foam for at least 10 minutes before wiping it away with a dry towel.

  4. Clean the seats and any leather trim your car may have.

  5. Finish with a leather moisturizer/conditioner, applying it with a dry rag.

BONUS: For quick cleans in between your three month cleanings, keep a canister of leather wipes in your car or garage and break them out to give your interior an extra dose of clean.
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