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For many dog owners, their pups are prized members of the family. They get on the couch, sleep in the bed, get fed scraps under the table while mom isn’t looking, get presents and go on trips. However, bringing Fido along for the ride can sometimes be more trouble than it is worth. Dog hair seems to multiply in a tight space like a car and your vehicle can go from looking brand new to worn out with just one wet doggy nose on the window. 

If you’re getting ready to bring your pup on your next trip, consider taking a few extra steps when getting the car ready that will make it easier to clean up your dog’s trail when the trip is over.

  • Cover your seats with a blanket specifically for your dog. A cheap felt blanket is a good option because it’s like a magnet for dog hair. Just make sure to mark (with a marker or something similar) which side is “up” so you don’t put the side with the dog hair directly on the seat. 

  • Another option is a car hammock. These attach to the headrests on the back seat as well as the backs of the driver and passenger seats, forming a “hammock” for your dog. This keeps the dog hair from getting on the floor and the seat backs. A bonus feature is that your dog won’t jump or fall into the floor during any sudden stops or turns.

  • For dogs that tend to slobber and/or press their noses into the windows, consider covering your windows with clear plastic wrap. Before your trip, place plastic on the windows so your pup has a view of the scenery and can get as close as he wants, but the slobber and mess will stay on the plastic. When your journey is over, rip the plastic off and reveal your slobber-free windows.

  • Lint rollers are going to come in handy no matter how many preventative steps you take. As every dog owner knows, dog hair can find its way into the strangest of places and more often than not, you have no idea how it got there. Keep a lint roller around to pick up the stray hairs that get on you or on your car. It will be much easier to clean up as you notice it then to wait until the end when it has had time to build up.

  • Air fresheners may not always be necessary, but they can definitely help. Even if your dog is freshly bathed, he or she can still start to smell. To keep your car from smelling like a dog long after your dog has left the backseat, bring along air fresheners and odor eliminators.

Our pets can be wonderful travel companions, and bringing them with us is certainly better than leaving them at home alone. Taking some extra time and effort before getting on the road can ensure that your pup’s presence doesn’t follow you after the trip is over.
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