Nissan owners know they are something special. But now there is scientific proof. Research from one of the world’s most iconic and prestigious universities have discovered something quite loveable about those who sit behind the wheel of a Nissan.

The Psychometrics Center at Cambridge University carried out a study in the UK that found Nissan owners were among the most agreeable people you will ever meet.

With the help of the latest personality profiling techniques, the University discovered that Nissan drivers were, in addition to being nice, the most generous, loyal and friendly among European car owners.

The study found that Nissan owners tend to be much more likely to think of others before themselves and also be more interested in economic welfare and social justice.

Dr. Richard Mills, Doctor of Psychometrics at Cambridge University’s Psychometric Center, says that personality and car choice are a “perfect match.”

“Our research shows that Nissan drivers are generally seen as trusting, soft-hearted, generous and sympathetic,” he said, “They are considerate and friendly, and think other people are honest and decent, as opposed to competitive and self-interested.”

He also went on to say that Nissan owners attach great value to having close and personal relationships with loved ones, making them the perfect partner.

So if you’re on the lookout for a significant other, you might want to start looking at Nissans.

But that search might be a little easier said than done; the survey also revealed that the vast majority of Nissan owners are already settled in comfortable long-term relationships.
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