Winter weather has already begun in Minnesota. If you haven’t already, it’s time to get your vehicle ready to take on what is coming. If you have lived in the north for any number of winters, you probably have your winterization routine down to a science by now. But if you don’t or are thinking about throwing winter tires into the mix, keep reading for some reasons you might want them for your vehicle.

Winter tires (also called snow tires) are designed with snow and ice in mind. All-weather tires are great for most of the year and, for those who live in areas that don’t experience much winter weather, are a great option for every month on the calendar. But winter tires are a smart investment when it comes to those vehicles that regularly come into contact with icy and snowy conditions.

Some advantages of winter tires include:

Winter weather is their specialty.

With all-weather tires, you can do a lot of things to keep you safe while driving on bad roads, but with winter tires, you have much less to worry about and much more control of your vehicle. Winter tires are manufactured to perform in these conditions. Their design creates more traction and helps the tire grip the the road.

Traction control and ABS braking aren’t everything.

If your car is equipped with traction control and anti-lock brakes, that’s great. But these systems help prevent wheel spin and keep your brakes from locking up. However, they don’t have much to do with how your tires interact with the road. They will help you drive more safely, but the only thing that will increase your vehicle’s traction is the tires that are coming in contact with the ice and snow.

They extend the life of your summer tires.

Sure, getting winter tires means you have two sets of tires. But, your summer tires aren’t meant to handle winter weather quite like winter tires are, so they see enormous wear and tear during the winter months. So why wouldn’t you want to keep your summer tires in great condition AND stay safer on the road equipped with winter tires?


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