Parents begin worrying about their children from the moment they find out their new roles as “mom” and “dad.” You read all the books, sanitized every surface and reapplied sunscreen every 10 minutes while at the beach. But as they get older, it can sometimes seem more difficult to keep them safe.

You’ll never stop worrying about your kids, but when it comes time to get them into their first car, there are several things to keep in mind while shopping around to help with your peace of mind after they get the keys.

Keep reading for part one of our list of things to keep in mind while buying a car for your teenage driver. Then, check back next week for part two!

Safety is #1. No exceptions.

Teenagers feel the need to look cool all the time, as parents know all too well. So there’s a good chance your teen is no exception. When it comes to finding them a car (especially their first car), safety should be the top priority. Especially with less experienced drivers (teenagers, in this case), you want to give them all the help they can get to stay safe on the road. Do your research and find out which cars have won safety awards or are known for their sturdiness and protection.

A low center of gravity and some bulk is ideal.

You don’t want to get your teen in a vehicle that feels like a tank to drive. It should be easy to maneuver around parking lots and small roads to help avoid accidents. But it should also have some weight to it, as well as a low center of gravity to help prevent rollovers. Sitting lower to the ground comes in handy when your teen takes a corner too fast.

Power is good... Too much is tempting.

A good vehicle with some pickup is ideal; you want them to be able to merge onto a highway or interstate easily, without the fear of getting rear ended. However, beware of giving your teen the keys to something with lots of power behind it. It might look cool/sound cool/be cool, but with great power comes great temptation to speed and drive a little more recklessly than he or she might otherwise.


When shopping for your teen’s first car, don’t be afraid of being “that parent” who is overprotective or too careful – that’s a good thing! Talk with your child about what is expected and the budget you have made. Then be sure to shop around together, letting him or her get a good feel for the cars you are willing to buy. Whether it’s pre-owned or new, they will appreciate being part of the process!

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