Whether you’re returning from a trip, about to leave for one, or just want that feeling that only comes from having a freshly cleaned car, it’s a good idea to periodically give your vehicle a thorough cleaning inside and out.

In addition to helping your investment look as good as possible, keeping your car clean can be especially helpful in the long run when you’re ready to trade it in for a newer vehicle. Regular cleaning ensures that small stains or messes are taken care of before they become big problems later on.

When you’re ready to get your vehicle in tip-top shape (for whatever reason you choose), keep these tips in mind to ensure you aren’t forgetting any nook or cranny.

  1. Clean out the trash. This is a simple step and probably the most obvious, but it is also makes the greatest impact. It’s easy for things like receipts and straw wrappers and odds and ends to collect over time. Facing your car head-on with a trash bag and another container for things you want to keep (but not in your car) will leave you wondering why you ever let it look like that in the first place.

  2. Vacuum the inside. All of it. Remove the mats first and work your way from the top of the seats down so that dirt doesn’t fall on your clean floor. Vacuum the mats outside the car as well, shaking them out first if necessary. Don’t forget to use a shop vac or vacuum attachment to get dirt and/or crumbs out of hard to reach spots. If you need to, grab a screwdriver or another tool to get the dirt out of the hard-to-reach places.

  3. Scrub the carpet and upholstery. This step requires a bit more work, but makes a huge difference. All you need is a spray bottle of automotive upholstery and carpet cleaner and a heavy-duty scrub brush. Spray the cloth-covered areas, scrub them with the brush and then wipe them down. Repeat this step one more time and leave the doors and/or windows open to allow things to dry out.

  4. Clean both sides of your windows. While the outside obviously has more dirt and grime to deal with, dirt on the inside can build up over time as well. Wiping them down regularly will greatly improve how well you can see out them and you might even save on your windshield wiper fluid because you won’t waste it all trying to get off the smudge that’s actually on the inside (because we’ve all been there).

  5. Wipe down the dashboard and instrument panel. It is ideal to use wipes or cleaners made for this specific purpose. They aren’t expensive and are more effective than other wipes that are made for general cleaning and disinfecting.

  6. Wash the outside. Whether it’s in your driveway or at a carwash, this step is very important to maintaining your vehicle and keeping it in great condition. A regular wash will prevent buildup on the paint and keep it looking shiny and new.

So whether you’re preparing to spend lots of time in the car for a trip or just think it’s time for a deep clean, keep these steps in mind to ensure that no speck of dirt is left behind.
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