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Deep-Cleaning Your Car | Luther Nissan

Whether you’re returning from a trip, about to leave for one, or just want that feeling that only comes from having a freshly cleaned car, it’s a good idea to periodically give your vehicle a thorough cleaning inside and out.

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Traveling with Pets | Luther Nissan

For many dog owners, their pups are prized members of the family. They get on the couch, sleep in the bed, get fed scraps under the table while mom isn’t looking, get presents and go on trips. However, bringing Fido along for the ride can sometimes be more trouble than it is worth. Keep reading for some tips on how to keep your car looking better when your pet travels with you.

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How to Clean Leather Seats | Luther Nissan

Part of the fun of purchasing a new car with leather interior is the luxurious feeling you get every time you slide in. If your vehicle features leather seating surfaces, you want to keep them clean and looking like new – both so the inside of your car always looks nice and also to avoid expensive upholstery repairs and replacement.

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