"Driven To Serve" truly exemplifies what lies at the heart of Luther Automotive. Our "Family of Dealerships" are dedicated to serving each other, our guests and our communities.

Feel free to share with us what you are doing in your community and your Drive to Serve.

8,640 Hurricane Matthew Survivors fed

  We would like to thank our staff for taking the time to make a difference for the hungry in Haiti.

After we moved our cars from our show floor into the rain, we started making 8,640 nutritious meals for those affected.

The meals we put together will be sent by LifeRice to Grand Goave, Haiti. They will then be fed to the families and school children in need.

Thank You Cookie Cart

We would like to thank Cookie Cart for recognizing us with the Sister Jean Community Service Award.

We are honored to put Sister Jean's name up on our wall.

Keep up the great work of baking brighter futures for all our local youth.

Push 22


According to The Department of Veteran Affairs, 22 Veterans and active duty Americans die by suicide every day.

Luther Automotive Group is donating $22,000 to Veterans Services at Lutheran Social Services. Their programs run the suicide prevention hotline for veterans in Minnesota and provide counseling services for veterans, their families, and their caregivers.

Please join us in our commitment to match this donation with 22,000 pushups in support of our service men and women, so they know they are not alone.

All forms of push ups will be accepted between August 22nd and September 12th.

You can donate $1 for every push up you do to Lutheran Social Services at this link.

The Luther Location that submits the best video of push ups will win a barbecue for their location. See the poster in your break room on how to submit the video.

Feeding our Homeless

Luther Automotive Group partnered with Alan Law to make sandwiches for the homeless in the Twin Cities.

Please watch this video to learn more about what Mr. Law is doing to make a difference in the community.


Starkey Hearing Foundation

  It was a great night meeting the new Jaguars, while also being able to raise funds for the Starkey Hearing Foundation.

Ignite Minneapolis 10 Recap and Video

What an awesome time with Ignite Minneapolis.

Need any Inspiration today? Laughs? Check out the link to this video below with all the speakers.

Ignite Minneapolis 10

In the video:

47:00    - How to train your fish.
1:11:00 - If you would like the World's Fair to come to                               Minnesota in 2023.
1:21:00 - Hear about how Minnesota almost invaded Canada.


   We are proud to support the corrective efforts of Wayside.

Luther Auto Partners with the Boy Scouts

We were glad to race cars with the local Boy Scouts and use our space to help support what they are doing for our community.

In addition to the trophies for speed, our staff selected some great looking submissions to receive remote controlled cars.



We are proud to sponser the YWCA, and what they do in our community.  

Brooklyn Center School Recognized by Target for Fitness!

  Congrats to Melinda Crowley and all of the Odyssey Academy staff for all the hard work they are doing with the Brooklyn Center.

Making a Difference

The "Drive to Serve" at Luther Automotive has been able to feed more than 3,500,000 children.

Register to join by clicking on the "Become a volunteer" button in the link below.

Register Here

Making A Difference On Valentine's Day

   Some people say that Valentine's Day is a holiday made by greeting card companies, we say it's also a great opportunity to show the people around you that you care about them.

This year we showed love to over 100 members of our community that receive Meals on Wheels from CEAP in the Brooklyn Center. Many of these meal recipients have challenges with leaving their residences, and some of the recipients did the hard work of building the community that we live in.

Instead of sending a normal greeting card, we used our own hands to make these unique cards that show we care.

Angel Foundation Gala

In honor of our friends and family battling cancer, we are proud to support the Angel Foundation. We sponsored their Gala this past January and appreciate all the support to this great organization.